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Purebred Marketing is a digital marketing agency in Atlanta that is driven to create custom digital marketing strategies built on a holistic approach. We work with you to understand your business’s unique needs and execute a strategy that drives more traffic and explodes your revenue and profitability. 

About Purebred Marketing
Philip, his wife Jessica, and their three dogs Juice (left), Hef (middle) and Gin (right).

The Purebred Way

Philip Hill – Founder and CEO of Purebred Marketing – is an avid dog owner and lover, just like many of you reading this.

Dogs have always been apart of his life, so much so that he launched his first company in the pet space while attending the University of Alabama in 2009. Following the same path that brought that company success, he has since spun off numerous other companies all of which were eCommerce sites or which relied heavily upon online lead generation.

The competitive edge that made each of these companies successful was the unmatched understanding of and knack for digital marketing. There, he recognized how powerful the right digital marketing strategies can be and understood how these tactics can drive calculated, exponential growth to many companies across many different industries.

Friends and acquaintances saw Philip’s expertise in the digital marketing space and began asking him to help them scale their companies and increase their leads and sales.

While it began as a periodic courtesy, it quickly turned into everyday activity.  

He became so invested in helping his peers that he decided to commit full-time to digital marketing and start his own agency.

It started as Grow Media Agency, but after a few years in the industry, Philip realized that many digital marketing agencies are all using the same generic names and messaging – it was time to stand out from the competition.

Enter Purebred Marketing.

The Purebred name not only tells his story (and shows his love for dogs) but aligns with our beliefs and values as an agency.

When Phil was helping his peers grow their businesses, he understood that each company needs its own unique strategy when it comes to digital marketing.

It’s our job to “breed” the right strategies into a company’s digital marketing plan so that they can have a goal-oriented approach backed by proven tactics that explode their revenue.

And because each company has its own unique needs, Purebred Marketing offers a full list of digital marketing services.

We create custom solutions based on your needs and goals, so you aren’t faced by the burden of having to learn how to drive more traffic and sales on your own.

It’s time for you to focus on what you do best – running your business. Let us handle the rest and watch your new strategy transform your business.

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