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Count on our eCommerce SEO services to improve your site’s visibility, driving more organic traffic to your online store and boosting conversion rates.

People are searching for your products but they can’t find your site.

Do you currently rank on the first page of Google? If not, you’re losing easy sales every day.

Why? Because 93% of online experiences start with a search engine, and roughly 80% of people never scroll to the second page of a Google search.

With an eCommerce SEO strategy that’s tailored for businesses like yours, you’ll stop losing customers to your competitors and start ranking on Google’s first page to skyrocket your traffic and revenue.

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We help eCommerce websites like yours rank at the top of Google in highly competitive niches.

We help eCommerce websites like yours rank at the top of Google in highly competitive niches.

When you have to compete for search rankings against giants like Amazon, WalMart, PetsMart, and others, many businesses don’t think it’s worth investing in SEO because you have no hope of competing.

We’ve formulated a tried and tested strategy that helps small and mid-sized eCommerce websites outrank these behemoths.

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Reach Target Audience

By fine-tuning your on-page elements and content strategy, we’ll elevate your site’s search engine rankings and turn your trickle of SEO visitors into a flood of organic traffic.

Convert Organic Traffic

By capturing and engaging the right target audience, new users will be much more likely to convert on your website.

Perpetually Increase ROI

Over time, your natural online visibility will gradually build momentum, leading to increased revenue and a consistently higher return on investment.

Understanding eCommerce SEO Services

What is eCommerce SEO?

eCommerce SEO is the practice of optimizing online retail websites to improve their visibility and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). The primary goal of our eCommerce SEO services is to increase organic traffic to an eCommerce website, which can lead to higher sales and revenue. The ultimate goal is to boost the online presence of the eCommerce store and make it more discoverable to users searching for products or services related to the business. Many existing eCommerce websites have relevant keywords that are within striking distance of the first page, and it is our job to ensure those terms (and your site) get in front of the right audience.

How does eCommerce SEO work?

There are many strategies and techniques, such as optimizing pages, improving site structure and navigation, using relevant keywords, creating high-quality content, and enhancing user experience, to help ensure that the website is more appealing to both search engines and potential customers. Much like strategically placing your best products in a physical store's display window or using signage to guide shoppers, eCommerce SEO fine-tunes elements on your site to ensure that your online store communicates effectively with the right target audience.

Why is eCommerce SEO Important?

Making sure your website is tailored to your ideal target customer is crucial in order to properly run your business. Without actively optimizing your website to attract and appeal to said customer, you constantly lose out on potential customers and revenue. Our eCommerce SEO services ensure that your website aligns with SEO best practices and strategically positions your site to make sure that you are getting in front of the right audience. In a crowded digital marketplace, ecommerce SEO is crucial in order to have your brand stand out and deliver a seamless user experience.

Why eCommerce SEO is Our Bread & Butter

eCommerce SEO is at the core of what we do here at Purebred Marketing.

Our proven strategies are rooted in the concrete results and successes we’ve created for our clients over the years. We’ve watched businesses transform from hidden gems to market leaders, and that’s a journey we never tire of.

Our success in eCommerce SEO comes down to a few key factors. First, our deep dive into understanding consumer behavior and market trends gives us an edge in crafting strategies that resonate with your target audience. We aren’t just driving traffic; we’re driving the RIGHT traffic, the kind that converts and contributes to your bottom line.

We’re experts in utilizing various CMS platforms. Whether you’re on Shopify, WordPress, or even Wix or BigCommerce, we’ve got the know-how to maximize your site’s potential. We fine-tune our strategies to each platform’s unique structure, ensuring no opportunity is left unturned.

Why does eCommerce SEO provide such a great ROI?

Simply put, it’s sustainable growth. A well-executed SEO strategy builds upon itself, growing stronger and more effective over time. This long-term growth is exactly what online businesses need to stay competitive.

eCommerce SEO aligns perfectly with our goal of delivering sustainable, effective growth for each and every one of our clients. We don’t stop at just getting your products seen online; we ensure the right people are seeing them at the right time. And that’s what we do best.

Tactics for eCommerce SEO Services

Keyword Research & Mapping

Keyword research and mapping are part of eCommerce SEO digital marketing strategies that focus on increasing the rankings of your site by using keywords, mapping (placement), and UX conversions to help your site rank at the top of Google and other major search engine listings. Keyword research and mapping is the practice of targeting industry-specific, relevant, high-search volume terms to the right pages of your website. In addition, keyword research & mapping help you capitalize on the momentum your site already has by pushing frequently searched terms for your niche to the first page, increasing your store’s visibility without adding extra cost to your monthly marketing budget.

On-Page Optimization

eCommerce SEO employs multiple search engine algorithm-friendly strategies, like on-page optimization, to help each unique page of your site rank in search engine algorithms. Common on-page optimization includes optimizing URLs, meta tags, content, and internal links. As a premium eCommerce SEO company, we always utilize a well-rounded SEO strategy that takes into account on-page optimization that meets all 200+ factors that comprise Google's algorithm.


By strategically incorporating backlinking, you can significantly improve your online visibility and attract potential customers actively searching for products like yours. Backlinking is a powerful technique that enables your website to utilize links from reputable sources, earning the trust and confidence of search engines like Google. This helps increase your website's authority and builds trust among potential customers, leading to continuous revenue growth over time. In addition, driving relevant anchor text backlinks to your eCommerce pages helps cement their rankings on the first page of search engines.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO focuses on optimizing the technical aspects of your online store to ensure that search engines can crawl, index, and rank your site efficiently. By addressing issues such as website speed, mobile-friendliness, status code errors, and XML sitemaps, technical SEO helps improve the overall user experience, making your site more attractive to both search engines and visitors.

The Purebred Marketing Strategy

Phase 1

Strategy Development

During Phase 1, we undergo extremely thorough research and analysis. We perform everything from competitor analysis, technical audits, keyword research, backlink profile audits, content strategies, and more. We get a better overall understanding of your business and flush out exactly how we are going to put money in your pocket.

Phase 2


In Phase 2, we begin to carry out the strategy in the way that would make the most sense for your business and website. Typically this includes cleaning up the site of all technical issues and implementing all on-page SEO optimizations. This part of the overall strategy is optimizing your website for long-term growth and success.

Phase 3


Lastly, Phase 3 is the marathon phase. During this phase, you sit back and watch your pockets grow as your website increases its digital presence. We perform a number of things, from extensive off-site work to monthly technical SEO audits/ cleanup, creating content, and generating reports, all to ensure that the strategy is performing the way it should.

Optimize Your Website in 3 Easy Steps


Schedule a Strategy Call

Schedule an exploratory consultation call where we dive in to learn your business and industry inside and out, and fully grasp your on-site SEO goals.


Learn Our Strategy

Our team will create an SEO strategy based on research, data, and many years of experience, which we will present for your understanding, tweaking, and approval.


Explode Your Revenue

Get back to what you do best – running your business. Meanwhile, we’ll be executing our strategy to ensure your traffic grows, revenue explodes, all while consistently increasing your ROI!

Frequently Asked Questions

eCommerce SEO refers to the process of optimizing online retail websites to improve their visibility and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs), ultimately leading to increased organic traffic and higher sales.

The time required to see noticeable results can vary depending on various factors, including the competitiveness of the industry, the effectiveness of the SEO strategy, and the current state of the website. Generally, significant improvements can take several months to materialize.

Key elements include thorough keyword research, on-page optimization, user-friendly site structure, high-quality content creation, mobile optimization, and technical SEO enhancements.

Content is crucial for eCommerce SEO as it not only informs and engages customers but also provides search engines with valuable information about your products and services. High-quality and relevant content can significantly improve your website’s search engine visibility.

Link building is essential for establishing the authority and credibility of your eCommerce website. Quality backlinks from reputable and relevant sources can boost your site’s rankings and drive more organic traffic.

eCommerce SEO is an ongoing process that requires continuous monitoring, adjustments, and improvements to keep up with evolving search engine algorithms and user preferences. Regular updates and maintenance are essential to maintain and improve search engine rankings.

eCommerce SEO focuses specifically on optimizing online retail websites and product pages, with an emphasis on driving sales and revenue. Traditional SEO may encompass a broader range of website types and objectives, such as informational websites or service-based businesses.

Common mistakes include neglecting mobile optimization, using duplicate content, ignoring technical SEO issues, and underestimating the importance of user experience. It’s crucial to avoid these pitfalls to ensure a successful eCommerce SEO strategy.

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