Grow your eCommerce brand's revenue and customer loyalty

Purebred Marketing helps your eCommerce brand scale its business by creating high-converting popups, building essential core flows, segmenting and sending scheduled campaigns, and running consistent A/B testing through email and SMS.

Have you been neglecting one of the most cost-effective and scalable channels to acquire and retain customers?

Email marketing (when done right) can bring in 5- to 6-figures per month for your eCommerce company.

Yet most entrepreneurs/eCommerce business owners fall into one of three categories when it comes to email marketing:

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You don’t have the time or experience.

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You’re not getting the results you want.

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It just hasn’t been a big focus for you.

To some, they may not realize what they’re missing out on. To others, they know they’re leaving big money on the table.

Don’t neglect your most cost-effective and scalable marketing channel any longer. Your company deserves to grow.

The Purebred Marketing Way

We create automated flows and curate campaigns that boost your revenue and improve customer retention

When you work with Purebred Marketing, you work with an eCommerce email marketing agency that helps you create a better customer experience, drive consistent traffic to your site and increase the lifetime value of a customer.

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Improve customer experience

Your customers will have a better experience with your brand because they will be sent targeted messages based on their specific behaviors and preferences.

Increase customer lifetime value

Customers will spend more over time because they will be sent consistent messaging that keeps them up to date on your brand and encourages customer loyalty by aligning their personal identity with the lifestyle of your brand.

Drive repeat traffic

You get a reliable traffic source that consistently brings in users that are more likely to convert because they’re already into the customer journey and have established a level of trust in your brand.

"Since working with Purebred, we've seen a dramatic increase in our email marketing sales and conversions. I would highly recommend them!"

Joe Chanda, CEO of Bully Beds

Our Process

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Phase 1

Audit your brand's current email/sms marketing and analytics

The first step in successful email (and sms) marketing is to run and audit on your channel(s). By taking a closer look at your current setup, we can identify opportunities to optimize and improve your lead captures/signup forms, overall list health, automated flows, and campaign schedule for maximum engagement and profitability.

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Phase 2

Create growth strategy for popup forms, automated flows, and campaigns

After we pinpoint the areas of opportunity, we create a strategy for your popups, flows, and campaigns. This includes testing different offers and triggers for your signup form, creating any essential core flows that are missing, optimizing existing flows, and creating a campaign calendar to target and segment certain customers based on their behaviors and preferences.

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Phase 3

Implement, build, and launch emails/sms messages and skyrocket your revenue

Next, we turn ideas into action. Once the strategy is in place, we handle the copy & creative of the emails and build them in your email service provider (ESP) and your sms platform (if applicable). Your flows will be turned on and your revenue will instantly increase.

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Phase 4

Optimize and A/B Test

The work doesn’t stop after the emails have been built and turned live. In fact, that’s when our workload increases because we’re constantly monitoring the performance of your flows and campaigns (and list health) and testing different offers, messaging, and design to get the highest possible engagement and revenue.

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