10 Reasons Why an HTML Sitemap Is Important

Why an HTML Sitemap Is Important

An HTML sitemap (different from an XML sitemap) is an essential tool for any website, providing a comprehensive list of all the pages and links within the site. While many people may think that a sitemap is unnecessary or only beneficial to search engine optimization (SEO), it actually serves a much more significant purpose. While … Read more

Should You Embed or Link to Videos? Pro’s & Con’s

Embed or Link to Videos

When it comes to sharing videos online, you have two main options: embedding or linking. But what does embedding video mean? It is the process of integrating a video directly onto your website. This method allows viewers to watch your video without leaving your site. Embedding videos has its advantages and disadvantages. By embedding, you … Read more

15+ Tips When Looking To Hire a Web Developer

website developers

Understanding how to hire a web developer is paramount when delving into the digital landscape. The success of your project hinges on this critical decision. Navigating through this process involves comprehensively evaluating your project requirements, assessing potential hires’ portfolios and technical skills, and considering communication practices, cultural fit, and problem-solving abilities. It’s equally important to … Read more

4 Things Every Start-Up Company Needs on Their Website

4 Things every startup company needs on their website

Starting up a company and throwing a new product or service out into the market can be difficult. While you have your company’s social media account in action, and you may be posting some ads, it is important to have a domain where consumers can visit to learn more about the background of your company. This is where a website comes into play.