Email Marketing: How To Design Your Emails

Most of us have overflowing email inboxes at all times, these days. We flag some as important, send a few to spam, and even leave some unread for days, if not forever! Why would you want to add more to that clutter?

Here’s the thing; If your customers spend a lot of time in their emails, and are most likely to buy from you, then adding to that clutter is actually a great idea. Using email marketing is a strategic way to target exactly who you want, and is the perfect way to bring traffic to your website or landing page.

With email marketing, your goal is to make these customers open your email, and of course, CLICK. While you may already know what content you want in the email, it is important to note that how it is laid out is extremely important. Your customers’ inboxes are already messy enough; don’t let your email be lost among the clutter, too.

Once you’ve chosen your content, use these next steps to focus in on the DESIGN and layout of your email:

1. Color Scheme

Stay focused on the colors mostly related to your brand or logo. Use the 80/20 rule here (80% true to your brand, 20% other). Most importantly, keep the color scheme consistent throughout all of your emails in a campaign.

2. Font

Most of us like to test out new or different fonts-bold, italic, cursive, or some may choose to stick with your basic Times New Roman. Keep in mind this rule of thumb: Make sure your fonts clean, readable and matching. For example, if you are using sans serif fonts for the headlines, you should continue to keep the rest of the copy in that family.

3. Layout

It is important to not have too much clutter. As customers scroll down your email and read through all of your promotions and content, there should be organized spacing between each new idea. This allows customers to recognize each section as a different piece of the email, but also flow as well as keeping your message clear and concise.

Although there are many other pieces that go into creating the perfect email campaign, these are a few important factors to keep in mind when it comes to creating aesthetically pleasing emails your customers will WANT to open. We’re here to help, so contact us for assistance with your next email marketing campaign.

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