How To Create a Slogan For Your Company

In this blog, we’re getting at the good stuff. Here, we’re breaking down one of the best parts, or what we feel, is one of the most fun aspects in the company start-up process. Why you ask? To start, it doesn’t require countless hours or money, it’s about being able to create a name for yourself and the product or service you are broadcasting. Once you’ve established a brand objective for your company, it’s on to the good stuff; Giving it a name and developing your slogan.

You want to give your company a memorable name- one that easily sticks- as in one that consumers can easily remember and briefly explains what your product is, or what you’re selling. Then you’ve got a winning combination! Or there’s the other, fail-safe option; You could go ahead and name your company after yourself! Heck, most people do. Ben and Jerry’s? Two men named Ben and Jerry founded it. Bacardi? Of course the founder’s name has Bacardi in it.

You can name your company after yourself, that’s normal. But, the added slogan is the kicker. The slogan is basically a memorable tagline, and once paired with your company and its name, helps consumers identify your product or service. You can slap it on any packaging you may have, or even at the end of a TV commercial.

Bacardi has used “Do what moves you” as a slogan. Most of us can understand why Bacardi may make you move a little more- so that works. Now, it is your turn to try.

Here are the 3 rules for creating your slogan:

1. Make it as clear and concise as possible.

If it doesn’t explain what you do, what you sell, or any features of your company, then can it. Come up with your creative ideas, then narrow them down to make your slogan easy to understand and obvious as to what your company has to offer.

2. Keep it short.

You don’t need a lengthy slogan. Ideally, you want to try to get it between 4-7 words, which allows you to provide an explanation, without over, or under-doing it. This is just a glimpse to pull consumers attention in to look further. Save all of the long descriptions for your website.

3. Be proud.

Creating the best slogan for your company is going to take a few tries. Write out all of your ideas on your whiteboard, play around with the wording, and be patient as you find the perfect fit for your company. The slogan you choose is going to help brand your company. It will be what people recognize. Be proud of what you decide and be willing to stick with it.

Once you have followed these guidelines, you should be on your way to an attention-grabbing and clever slogan for your company.

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