4 Instagram Trends You Need to Know

We all know Instagram as this huge social media platform that is great for sharing visual content. We can express our creativity and individuality with just a few clicks, a filter, and a Ghandi quote we found on Google. We see this all the time on Instagram, and it seems pretty easy to do. We think this is what it takes to gain followers and a digital presence – but there’s a lot more to it.

Social Media is constantly evolving, with new features, tools and updates added just about every other day it seems. Year after year, there are new trends that are important to follow. In 2018, Instagram shook the business world by allowing people to schedule their posts for different times and days. 2019 rolls around…And there’s even more features you need to know about to reel in those followers for your company.


1. Insta-Stories

Being able to post stories on Instagram has been around a while now, but it is getting more and more important to use. This feature is perfect for that “behind the scenes” feel that allows you to keep effectiveness, but have more entertainment and content for followers to see.

2. Micro Influencers

There are many consumers who are passionate about certain products and services, and as a result, their social media channels revolve around those interests. With that, micro influencers (100,000> followers) have a very niche audience, because, well, we don’t commonly follow accounts that we don’t share the same interest as.

3. Clickable Links

Clickable links are extremely useful, whether the link is in your profile, picture, or in the post itself. Including a link to gives followers (aka potential customers) easy access to check out what you are posting about, or to just explore more about you.


You may be thinking; So what exactly is IGTV? This new Instagram feature is perfect for creating mobile-only video content. Instagram calls it, “a new app for watching long-form, vertical video from your favorite Instagram creators”. You can create a video up to an hour long, which is pretty impressive.

There are always going to be new trends to follow, and possibly some that you shouldn’t. Sometimes they are new, and other times they’re simply recycled trends, refreshed, and become important all over again. This year, use these 4 Instagram tools to build your followers, your credibility, and to shape your social media presence.

If you are out of luck, we at Purebred Marketing would be happy to help you out — just let us know.

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