4 Things Every Start-Up Company Needs on Their Website

Starting up a company and throwing a new product or service out into the market can be difficult. While you have your company’s social media account in action, and you may be posting some ads, it is important to have a domain where consumers can visit to learn more about the background of your company. This is where a website comes into play.

These are the 4 most important things every start-up company must have on their website:

1. About Section

A company name or slogan can’t always tell consumers everything they need to know about your company. You are fresh and new, so use this opportunity to build your credibility, and clearly state the products or services you sell.

Also, always include what city or town the company originates it- it gives locals a chance to easily connect and support their hometown companies.

2. Tell a Story

Give a storyline of how your company started, who was involved, and the hardships you faced. This is a great way to bring in consumers to emotionally invest in what you have to offer (and monetarily). Everybody likes to good “started from the bottom” story: if you have one.

3. Call to Action

Now, you have consumers sucked into your website learning more about your products or services. This is your opportunity to tell your customers exactly what they need to do next. Use a call to action (CTA).

A CTA is used to, quite literally, convince people to take action. It should be strong and bold. Your CTA could be anything from “Click here to learn more about us” to “Use this coupon code”.

4. Contact Information

Make it as easy as possible for consumers to contact you, whether it’s a clickable phone number, or a message box already set up for people to quickly send you a message. The easier; the better.

As you begin your website development process, remember to incorporate these 4 important features to maintain credibility and increase your customer base. And, of course, don’t forget that Purebred Marketing is here to guide you through all of the steps.

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